Roasted Asparagus & Garlic Soup with Toasted Sunflower Seeds


Joyce (not verified) says:
This was such a delicious inspired idea! You definitely need more butter than you note above to make a roue- the amount you note just coats the onion and there is no spare liquid....but thats fine, as the flour can just roast as an onion coating. My seeds took about 7 minutes, just FYI. I used more garlic (hey, who doesn't like more garlic), but it turns out that was overboard. It took away from the asparagus taste. Your ratios seem spot on in that regard! Thanks! I am having a delicious dinner!
Stacey says:

Joyce -- so glad you liked the soup and the seeds. Yes -- you are right, definitely needed more than 1 tablespoon butter as I originally (and mistakenly) put. I changed it to 3 tablespoons, but I would just say use a good big blob. The more butter the better...for me anyway. :)

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