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Black Bean, Corn, Tomato & Cheddar Burritos

Back to school, back to school! Let's get efficient while we're making the move to all things fall...bring on the school nights!  

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

In honor of Labor Day today, I’d like to share an awesome (and easy!) potato salad recipe I found on the Dishing with Leslie blog.  

Gluten-Free Chicken Meatballs

Grind the chicken yourself -- it's quick and easy! These little morsels are light and tasty.

Roasted Delicata Squash, Broccoli and Cauliflower Quinoa: Use It Up!

Not sure how to use that delicata squash? Mix up a big batch of this and bask in its healthy deliciousness.  

The No Cereal Breakfast

Need some breakfast inspiration? Try this combo.  The best thing? It all arrived in my weekly Washington's Green Grocer delivery.

Birthday Ratatouille

It’s pretty much safe to say, I love anything French.  Cheese.  Makeup. Berets. Accents.  You know, deep cultural stuff.  Anything stereotypically French -- well, I’m all over that. So of course I love ratatouille.  It’s healthy comfort food at the very best.  

A Date with Bacon...and Chèvre

Who doesn’t love a date with bacon?  Yes, you and bucket of bacon alone in a movie theater or walking hand-in-hand down the beach sounds pretty darn romantic,  but I’m talking about a date date...the like the yummy medjool kind.  

King Ranch Chicken, Corn & Tomato Casserole

Giddy up! This TexMex Casserole is delish...and easy to cook in bulk for those busy school nights to come!

‘Mater & Cuke Salad: Use It Up Side Dish

Running out of summer side dishes?  Try this tomato cucumber salad.  Fresh and crisp, and done in under five minutes. 

Señor Michael's Chicken

What do you get when you cross four whole chickens with two heads of garlic and sixteen limes? Um, delicious!