Why Choose Washington's Green Grocer?

Here's where we get to talk about what we're passionate about, but we also encourage you to visit our RESOURCES page to learn more about sustainability in action and check out some folks that are doing amazing things for the planet and our food system as well as igniting bonfires under butts across the globe. There are some great things happening on local levels and global levels, and it's inspiring!  

Our Long Standing Reputation

We have been around for 18 years as Washington's Green Grocer and give exceptional service. We've been doing this since 1994, and we still love every minute of it! We like to think we've learned a thing or two about great food and excellent service over the years, and have helped to usher in this new wave of care for where our food comes from and how it is treated. We have long believed that our grocery delivery business model has a much lower environmental impact than people going to the grocery store. We will continue to be the best service we can, learning and incorporating new ways of helping you provide healthy, deliciousl and ecologically sound food for your family.

We  are passionate about supporting local and Sustainable Food

We source locally grown food and support sustainable agriculture. During our local growing season, roughly June through November, we buy our produce locally.  As a general rule, if an item is on our weekly list, and is available locally, we're buying it locally.  To keep food miles down, we work with over 40 different growers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey to bring you fresh, locally grown produce. We NEVER air-freight anything.

We want our service to work best for YOU!

Our super flexibility is designed to work for you. No contracts, delivery fees or membership fees mean you can use us when you need us and put us on hold when you don't.  We don't believe you should pay a membership fee to be able to use our service or sign any agreement contract. We aren't a club that you have to buy into. You eat? You're in! We think you'll love us and be one of our many loyal customers, but if we aren't for you we understand. Try us once, get deliveries every week, just when you tell us, and cancel at any time. You also don't need to feel shy about re-joining...we know that there are times where it works and times where it doesn't. 

We care about the planet and really do something about it

We use recycled boxes and keep our packaging to minimum. Paper or Plastic?  We don't use either. We use misprints and recycled boxes for our deliveries, and are happy to pick up the boxes on your next delivery day and re-use them as long as they are in good condition.  Once they have seen the end of their usability, we recycle them.  We also bag only those items that need to be bagged..beans, grapes etc...and we're happy to recycle those bags. 

We use less energy. By delivering on set days, we keep our delivery routes tight (our vans make multiple deliveries in every neighborhood) we are able to cut down on the energy used to get your food to your kitchen.  Each of our 15 vans deliver to roughly 40 homes per day, saving 400 trips to the grocery store every day. This also saves your energy...and who can't use a bit more of that!

Our inventory is on-demand, delivered fresh to us each morning, which means no giant coolers or cooled display cases running 24 hours a day. Also, our warehouse is small compared to a grocery store, and we operate only during the morning hours (the rest of the time we're out making deliveries), so the energy footprint for our facility is far less.

We don't waste food....or anything else. We have all our food brought in for specific deliveries, yours,  so we don't carry inventory just to keep shelves stocked and looking full...this cuts down dramatically on waste.  What leftover food we do have is taken home by our employees, and if it is real waste, composted in our garden.  Nothing is more wasteful than spending time and fuel to bring food to it's destination, only for it to end up in a landfill!

We don't waste trees, like our store counter-parts, who send out flyers every week.  The average grocery store sends out over 30,000 8 to 12 page grocery flyers to households in their service area every week...many if not most of which are not used, though hopefully they are recycled..to make more flyers!

We love to share

We love  good, honest food.. And like a love-struck teen, we can’t help but go on and on about it and do whatever we can to ensure everyone knows that WGG + FOOD = LUV. Whether that means sharing our recipes through our blog or recipe section, sharing our cookbooks with you in our free lending library or sharing our efforts in the quest to bring healthy food access to everyone in our community on our Ubuntu page, we are all about you being a part of what we're excited and actually a little bit crazy about! We see you as part of the Green Grocer family and our experience together as the big family dinner. Let's all talk and share what we're excited about. Pass the mac and cheese please!!