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I just received my first box yesterday and I'm so pleased with all the food inside. I did a CSA for a season but lugging cantaloupes home on metro got old quickly. I'm so glad I can support local farms and make my life a little easier.

, DC

Emily Elyse Miller's Pantry

Next up in the Pineapple Collaborative Pine For Pantries: Emily Elyse Miller, a breakfast aficionado who cannot do without tahini, eggs or dried chickpeas! She's the founder of BreakfastClub - a global gathering series that connects culinary and design innovators through the ritual of breakfast - and is currently writing a book all about breakfasts from around the world. Enjoy the eye candy that is her multi-cultural, morning-inspired kitchen, then peek at our Pine For Pantries section to pick up the must-haves for yourself!

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