Fuel Your Workday with WGG!

Office Delivery

We recently launched a new Office Catalog! We’ve been delivering the Green Grocer goodness to the workplace for some time, but by adding a new website component and a greater selection of healthy and organic single-serving snacks, we hope to make the process more flexible, convenient and, of course, delicious!

What sets us apart from the big name delivery services? A lot! We source from local farms and small businesses - meaning your dollars are going to hardworking farmers and families. We've been doing this since 1994 and remain whole-heartedly passionate about our mission: Providing a connection between local/organic producers and people who want fresh, real food! Everything we offer is sourced responsibly, with the best interests of our communities (and the environment!) in mind.

So how does it work? Begin by choosing a fruit box OR the fully customizable Build-Your-Own Box. As with our non-office ordering process, the preset fruit boxes are a yummy base on which you can add lots of other things! When you Build Your Own Box, you’re starting from scratch - meaning you skip the preset fruits altogether and only put exactly what you want into the box.

Whatever option you choose, we think you’ll love the variety of healthy, organic and protein-packed snacks we’ve put together: seasonal and organic fruits, local coffees & teas, half & half, protein bars, nuts, trail mixes, popcorn, pretzels, fair-trade chocolate & more!

You can learn more about the box options and pricing here. We’re also offering a free sample box so you can get a little taste of the goodness before you commit! Simply tell us a little bit about your office by filling out this form, and we’ll be in touch to get you started.

We make our office deliveries every Monday, so skip a grocery store trip and let us bring your crew the fuel they need for a happy and successful week!