This Week - May 2, 2011

This Week - May 2, 2011

We're back from our holiday trip and I must say it's great to be home!!! It was wonderful family time and we had a lot of fun (although all of us agree that we're not "Disney People") just being together without the distractions of everyday life. Zeke and I give a huge THANK YOU to our crew for doing a great job of handling everything so well while we were away. That is the first time that Zeke and I have both been away from Washington's Green Grocer for more then a couple days since the first day we started our business!

On to this week...the season is kicking into high gear with lots of great stuff rolling in. Be sure to check out the Add to the Box section to see what's new.

Since I had such a great time tweeting on twitter with many of you and our "tweeps" while on holiday, I thought I'd do something new and share recipes from some of your/their blogs. If you cook and blog about it, please let us know...we love to share!!

Here are just a few ideas and inspiration for some of the items in this week's box. For the complete list for the week, take a peek, just be sure the week you're looking at matches this week.

In the Box:
Add to the Box:
  • Just in time for Cinco De Mayo we bring you Artisanal Mexican Sauces from Colibri! Luis, a native of Central Mexico and his wife Joanne are the team behind this eco-concsious company from Pittsburg, PA. We are carrying the amazing Fresco sauce (I practically put down my fork and contacted them to get this sauce when I first tasted it!) and their Guapo Sauce. The Fresco's refreshing flavor comes from the combination of fragrant cilantro and crisp serrano peppers. This green sauce is great with veggies, on sandwiches, burritos, tacos,'ll be putting on everything! Guapo's distinctive flavor comes from the combination of garlic and chili peppers. When I think of it, I think of the sauce for fish tacos, which is one of our favorite ways to enjoy Guapo sauce! It's also insanely good on chicken, steak, pizza, veggies, grilled fish and sushi!! All the sauces are 100% Natural: free of artificial flavors and colors, have no artificial preservatives, no sugar added, no trans fat, no cholesteral, are gluten-free and vegan.
  • We are now offering you certified organic grass pastured, homegrown grain finished dry-aged beef from Cannon Hill Farm in Mount Jackson, Virginia. The cattle has been humanely raised by farmer Gary Lantz. We have a whole steer so all cuts are available. You can see them listed individually under our Meat section when placing your orders.
  • Local Strawberries! This is just the tip of the strawberry season iceberg. Soon they'll be coming on fast and furious. For $3.00 a pint, you're going to want to scoop these up. Local berries are notoriously short lived (as in they don't hold up long) so use 'em up fast! I'm making a strawberry rhubarb crunch ...I'll share the recipe!
  • Organic Rhubarb, PA -Like the ramps (which are done), rhubarb has a pretty short season so get it while the gettin's good! $4.00 per pound.
  • Local Organic Hothouse Tomatoes, PA - Hothouse tomatoes with really good flavor...whoohoo!! $4.50 a pound.
  • We're also delighted to offer you humanely-raised, organic grass pastured lamb from The Welsh Garden in Warrenton, Virginia. All cuts are now available in our "meat section". We just got in 3 more lambs so you should be able to find what you like. I would like to also mention these lambs were skillfully and respectfully processed at Joe Cloud and Joel Salatin's True and Essential Meat.
Out of the Box:
  • Have you all heard of Compost Cab?? We think we're a match made in heaven since many you would like to compost but don't have the space. Check out their website for more info. We're going to contact them to see if there are some ways we can work together!
  • Lots of new stuff going into the Washington's Green Grocer Free Lending Library this week including "Dirt:The Movie. Here's a trailer.