This Week's Howdy Do and What's New at Washington's Green Grocer

This Week's Howdy Do and What's New at Washington's Green Grocer
Photo Source - The Kitchn

Good Morning!

What a great time we had yesterday at the Eat Local First Farm to Street Party! Our favorite part was meeting so many of you "in real life"! It was so much fun and seeing so many folks out supporting local food and drink was really, really exciting!
This week brings a bittersweet goodbye as Steve leaves us to live his dream; he and and wife Ann will be moving to West Virginia to farm and raise hogs. We're so excited for them (they are expecting their first child too!) and wish them nothing but the best. We're hoping that once they are settled in that he will be able to do some blog posts for us and we definitely look forward to working with him when sourcing pork! With that said, we are lucky to have Marie to take over a lot of the customer service that Steve was doing. We'll do a post next week "introducing" you to Marie but if you hear from her this week be sure to say "hello"!
On to the know we're smiling (flowers, blackberries, friends!!) and hope you are too! Have a great week everyone!!

New This Week:

  • Local organic gold beets with tops and the perfect recipe? This one for a warm gold beets salad with the tops from The Kitchn.
  • Local farm grown cut flowers from Nassau Orchards Flower Farm in Lewes, DE
  • Local organic Heirloom tomatoes's tomato time folks!!! We suggest adding some of our fresh mozzarella and pizza dough from Touch of Italy. Oh yeah!!


  • Fresh, fresh, fresh and uber aromatic local organic basil is in the specials this week.
  • Pizza Dough and Fresh Mozzarella from Touch of Italy.
  • The guys at Capital Kombucha have been busy behind the scenes brewing up two new flavors - Cucumber Melon, Coconut Water and Strawberry Kombucha!! Plus, they have our hearts forever because they brought back our favorite flavor - cherry blossom. We have all three, plus the regulars you know and love, in stock!
  • From 100 Bowls of Soup we have everyones' summer favorite - gazpacho - and a great zucchini basil which is great served cold or warm.
  • More local, organic squash blossoms! Whether you stuff them and fry them, put them on your pizzas or in your pastas or make your famous squash blossom soup, we've got them. Fans know they have one of the shortest runs around, so definitely get these while the gettin's good.
  • A week of Picnic Gourmet Spreads and we're in love! -They are a local, small batch cheese spread company that uses natural ingredients. We're starting with Caramelized Onion, Morroccan Cilantro and Tandoori garlic and think you're probably enjoying them as much as we are!

Out of the Box:

  • Summer temps are here, so we're reminding everyone to please leave your coolers out, preferably with an ice pack or two if your delivery will be sitting out for awhile. Everything in the double walled boxes is just fine, but we do have to leave any refrigerated items that you order whether or not there is a cooler left for us.
White Corn DE
Green Kale NJ
Vine Ripe Tomatoes VA
Mixed Local Beets PA
Boston Lettuce VA
Green Beans VA
Cantaloupe VA
Blackberries MD
Peaches DE
White Corn DE All Blue Potatoes PA
Green Beans VA Green Beans CA
Sweet Onions PA/GA Mixed Local Beets PA
Vine Ripe Tomatoes VA Vine Ripe Tomatoes MD
Green Kale NJ Red Bore Kale PA
Boston Lettuce VA Romaine Lettuce MD
Cucumbers VA Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes PA
Blueberries NJ Blackberries MD
Cantaloupe VA Cantaloupe CA
Peaches VA Red Seedless Grapes CA
Nectarines CA Nectarines CA
Bananas S.A. Bananas S.A.
We do recycle and reuse the boxes and really love it when you leave them for us on delivery day. You can flatten them if it makes it easier for you to keep around for the week, but you don't have to.