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Chapel's Country Creamery

Easton, MD
United States

Chapel Country Creamery farmers Holly and Eric Foster produce artisanal cheeses made with milk from their herd of Jersey and Holstein cows. Holly was instrumental in paving the way for raw milk cheese to be able to be sold in Maryland throughout the raw milk cheese pilot program.

Chapel cheese and yogurts start with fresh raw milk produced on the family's Grade A dairy farm in Maryland. A herd of 40+ Jersey Cows graze on clover and rye grass, producing milk that's rich in cream and free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical compounds. This amazing milk is then handcrafted into Chapel's Country Creamery Artisinal Cheeses and yogurts, ensuring the highest quality and consistency possible.

"We pride ourselves on the love and care we give to our grass-fed cows, producing fresh natural milk - and we never, ever use growth-hormones ever. We believe and support farmsteading and sustainability and we hope you will remember to support small, local farmers and all they offer."

Check out this video where Holly tells us about the farm and the products they produce. Cheers and woots for min 3:00!

Want to learn more about cheese-making? Check out the step-by-step process.

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