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Crisp & Co. Pickles

Hockessin, DE
United States

The secret behind the perfectly crunchy and flavorful Crisp & Co. pickles? Science!

Founder Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE, utilizes his background — a master's degree in biomedical engineering, work as a cancer researcher and interest in molecular gastronomy — to create his line of artisanal, award-winning, locally sourced pickled products.

“I’m a scientist by training, so I looked at each one of these things as kind of an experiment. I did experiments with dill seed versus dill weed and different types of garlic. Does it matter if it’s chopped or blanched or dried? And all these things, surprisingly, have a big impact on the flavor.”

From its humble beginnings as Peter's hobby — he worked his way through 250 pickle recipes in The Joy of Pickling canners’ bible — Crisp & Co. rose to recognition shortly after its launch in November 2013. Beating out veteran pickle artisans, the fledgling company was the top performer in its category at the 16th Annual "Picklefest" in Rosendale, NY, receiving a nod for its Sweet Ginger Pickles.

True to its name, Crisp & Co. takes great pride in creating innovative and delightfully crisp pickle products, and uses fresh ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible.

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