Honeyflower Foods

Washington, DC 10002
Nic Bash- Honeyflower Foods

“We started HoneyFlower Foods in an effort to take on some really hard, really important challenges. Can healthy, truly sustainable food, be tasty and easily available? Changes in the food system is the single best way to a healthier more sustainable planet. We believe that slight shifts in the way we think about food and what we eat, in the context of conscientiousness, can make a world of difference ;) and we are having so much fun working for it!”

Nic Bash is the Chief enthusiast, kick butt go getter, big dreamer, chef extraordinaire and founder of HoneyFlower Foods. He created Honeyflower Foods after almost a decade in food. From fine dining to cafes, catering and food trucks, he has worked his way around a wide range of kitchens and food businesses.

While in D.C., Nic thought long and hard about his next steps and how he wanted to spend his time. He knew he would be happy, thrilled, and lucky if he could spend the rest of his life working on specific issues including:

1. Food Sustainability
2. Health
3. Better Waste Management
4. Food Accessibility

And just like that … HoneyFlower Foods was born! Okay, it wasn’t as easy as snapping a finger. It’s been a roller coaster ride filled with lots of sleepless nights, caffeinated creative sessions and wondering how to hit the ground running as a baby small startup food company. They're working hard, every day, to change the way packaged meals are produced - and building a brand that brings new life to how we eat.

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