Neat Nick Preserves

Nicole Paterson, Neat Nick Preserves

“I grew up preserving with my grandmother. We started with strawberry jam when I was so little that my mom would get mad at my grandmother for having me on a chair that close to the stove.”

Nicole Paterson’s passion for food and preserving runs deep - her grandfather kept a larger-than-necessary garden every year, and stretching the season’s harvest became a family activity and tradition.

Her genuine love of food has culture has stayed with her - from grad school, where she completed her master’s thesis on ancient olive oil presses, to social gatherings, where the jars she gifted or shared with friends and family were instant hits.

After having a daughter, Nicole realized her full-time career managing museum collections was taking too much away from family life. She always hoped to have a family business of her own, so she seized the opportunity to start a business that merges her creativity, interests and professional skills.

Neat Nick celebrates the joy people find in jams, and she hopes it will remind you of your own childhood or inspire you to try something new.

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