Oasis at Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand, PA
Oasis at Bird-in-Hand

Oasis is a collective of farmers located in the heart of Lancaster County — one of the most fertile, non-irrigated parcels of land in the world! Using chemical free and certified-organic growing techniques, their farmers build the nutrient content of their soil in order to grow and produce healthy plants and food.

This farming philosophy attempts to better understand how the elements of the soil work together — when efforts are made to support the natural makeup of soil microbes and how their work can be enhanced, the artificial and indiscriminate use of chemicals is not needed. This means that delicious, nutrient-dense crops that are more resistant to pests, weeds and disease can be grown in a natural, healthful way.

Its members are concerned about the health of their land, families and community and are committed to growing and sharing freshly-harvested, nutrient-rich food for better nourishment. They believe on-farm diversity provides sustainability. Oasis farmers grow chemical-free produce and raise cattle, pigs, lamb, chickens, turkeys and other animals humanely on pasture. Oasis milk comes form 100% grass fed cows; it is organic Grade A. Oasis cheeses are made with 100% raw grass fed milk and aged for 60 days or more.

Oasis Farms are small, family-run operations. Many Oasis farmers are old-order Amish, preserving their agricultural heritage by working collectively to market their farm products.

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