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Ocean City, MD
Real Raw - Logan

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy kombucha. And that's kinda the same thing."

Logan Willey founded Real Raw Organics in April of 2014 after her homemade kombucha became a hit among friends, family and fellow yoga students. An interior designer by day, a passion for healthy food and living has blossomed into a business -- and she hasn't looked back.Willey is brewing away to keep up with demand for her fermented teas, and even opened up her own space in Ocean City – Real Raw Organics Kombucha Brewery & Cafe  – in November of 2015.

Made with 100% organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and juices, Real Raw's sweet, tangy kombucha is filled with naturally occurring probiotics and vitamins. And the raw factor? By keeping cooking temperatures low, those tasty ingredients can retain their natural enzymes and maximum nutritional value.

In her words:

"In 2009 I went away to school in Jacksonville, Florida. Healthy living is promoted in this area so well and every store has organic, gluten free, no GMO options. This is where I was first introduced to kombucha and found out how great it made me feel. After years of reaping its amazing benefits in a town where it was on tap in grocery stores and carried by the bottle at gas stations then I moved home to Ocean City where we only have one small organic grocery store. As many of our locals know, there aren’t many natural grocery stores in the area so my search for fresh kombucha was pointless. I didn’t realize how much I missed it in my daily life until the winter of 2013 when I moved to Maui for a few months. The island is very forward thinking when it comes to healthy living options and I got to drink fresh, local kombucha all the time.

When I decided to move back to Maryland, I didn’t want to lose it again so I figured with some practice I could make it myself. With the help of some friends who had made it before, I began experimenting with different teas and flavors. Blueberry Ginger was my first flavor that I truly loved and wanted to share with my friends and loved ones. I brought some to give to my yoga teacher as a gift and she ended up giving it out through her classes that day. There was an immediate demand for more kombucha and she insisted I bottle some up to sell. After that, the word was out; I was contacted by each of my current retailers demanding our kombucha. Some amazing local businesses have helped to get us where we are today by sharing their knowledge, experiences and their kitchens. My Nature and Local Mojo are two of our continuous advocates. I am so blessed to live in a town where everyone has pushed and supported me to continue through the rough beginnings of opening any small business. Today we are working on expanding our territory and are so grateful to say we opened our kombucha brewery and cafe.

Ocean City’s clean eating, locally grown, all natural mindset is finally developing. We just hope to continue to play a major role in that growth. Our promise to you is that we will always use only all organic, all natural ingredients and we will continue to source locally as much as possible."

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