Trickling Springs Creamery

Chambersburg, PA
Trickling Springs Creamery

In 2001, Tricking Springs Creamery was founded by two friends, Gerald Byers and Myron Miller, with the goal of processing premium milk from local farmers for their local community.  They established high standards for their farmers to follow in terms of what they feed their cows, how they care for their animals, and how they take care of their land’s eco-sustainability.  

A large part of this was asking the family-owned farms to give their cows access to pasture year round and feed a grass-intensive diet. These happy cows get all the sunshine and free grass they want during growing season and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones.

All Trickling Springs dairy products are minimally processed using low-temp pasteurization, simple ingredients, and no additives to the whole milk and creams. By maintaining a personal relationship with their farmers, they are able to oversee the quality and freshness of their organic and all-natural products.

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