Wagatha's Dog Biscuits

"You might say the creation of Wagatha's was the result of a “meeting of the minds” between a life long professional chef and an open outcry, Wall Street commodities trader… truly an unlikely duo.

Neil Reilly (the Wall Street guy, aka the red guy in the blue state) moved to Vermont in the late 90’s to escape the full time chaos of the trading pits in favor of a better place to decompress and enjoy his family. Neil was searching for the right opportunity to partner with someone with similar values to build a company with integrity, humor, and friendship.

Norman Levitz (the chef, and blue guy in the right state) moved to Vermont in the mid 90’s to raise a family and escape the tourist Mecca of Newport, Rhode Island where he was both a restaurateur and culinary educator at Johnson & Wales University. (Little did he realize that Vermont too is a tourist Mecca!) Norm began making dog treats for friends and family back in the 70’s and has perfected the formulas over the past 3 decades.

It wasn’t until the famous basketball game back in the spring of ’06 between the two titans of roundball, St. Mary’s of Hoosic and The Dorset School, where this unique partnership began to develop.  (Really what happened was, Neil and Norm were watching their daughters play 6th grade basketball and began to seed the possibility of bringing Wagatha's organic dog treats to fruition.)

Early on the decision was made that Wagatha's Dog Biscuits would be made with only the highest quality, healthy, organic ingredients. The best of the best. Once that was established, the other nine million details fell into place seamlessly. (If only.)  A year later, the red guy and the blue guy merged their talents, and painted their offices purple. (Literally!)"

Who is Wagatha?

Wagatha is a joyful, adventurous pup. She is the embodiment of the youthful spirit in all of us… the eternal child who wants to play, explore, and experience life.

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