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Milton's Local

United States

"Milton’s Local is a proud provider of all-natural meat. We are named in honor of Milton Faison, a second generation farmer, and grandfather of our founder, M. James Faison. Our mission is to support sustainable agriculture by creating wholesale channels for family farmers.

It began with a farm, and a passion for sustainable agriculture before it was cool. Throughout his life, Grandpa Milton was committed to healthy food, a healthy environment, and a healthy community.

It’s these values that guide this company that bears his name. As a fourth generation farmer, James grew up among small, independent farm families in rural Virginia.

From barns to boardrooms, his days in Emporia, Virginia, stuck with him during his education at Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law, and his tenure as a corporate attorney.

It wasn’t until he inherited the family farm that he heeded his calling to return to agriculture.

Grandpa Milton’s values continue to inspire the work that we do every day. His passion for sustainability and quality are the same principles upon which we have built our company.

We only source “clean meat” free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. Our all-natural meat does not contain any MSG or artificial nitrates or nitrites.

When you choose Milton’s Local, you’re not just choosing all-natural meat. You’re choosing sustainable farming practices that restore our land. You’re choosing farmers that don’t take short-cuts. And you’re choosing to treat animals humanely.

We’re proud of the choices we make, and you should be, too.”

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