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Sea to Table

New York, NY
United States

The Dimin family of New York fell in love with the remote village of Charlottesville in Tobago while on vacation in the West Indies in 1996. The fisherman of the vibrant fishing community used the traditional wooden pirogues and hand-line methods that had been passed down for generations, helping to keep the fish population in tact.

After a day on the water with a local fisherman 'Double D' on his boat 'I Get Dream,' the Dimins cruised back to port, alongside other boats overflowing with beautiful fish, and realized something was missing: An external market for this extraordinary and bountiful catch.

So, an idea was born: If the fishermen of Tobago could be connected with chefs in New York, both would benefit. Seven years later, Michael Dimin and his sons returned to the small island to build Tobago Wild.

Owned and operated by the Dimin family, Sea to Table builds on the early Tobago Wild model by seeking out sustainable fisheries needing better access to markets, creating a direct connection between fishermen and chefs. Sea to Table works with local fishermen throughout the U.S., from Alaska to the Gulf Coast, and from the Carolinas to Maine.

By partnering directly with fishermen from small-scale, sustainable wild fisheries and delivering straight from the source, Sea to Table supports local business, delivers a superb and fresh product, and creates a transparent connection between you and the people who caught your dinner.

We are proud to carry Sea to Table's high quality, traceable fish! Keep an eye out for their beautiful local blue catfish -- by feasting on this tasty fish, you're helping to regulate its sky-high population and improve the ecological balance of the Chesapeake Bay. That's a tasty win-win!

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