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Slender Seven

Washington, DC
United States

Seven ingredients or less: Cook simply, eat healthy and feel happy.

While taking an entrepreneurship class at the Wake Forest University School of Business in 2013, Nikki Azzara decided to combine her passion for cooking with her marketing major and launch Slender Seven. A health and fitness enthusiast and gluten-free foodie, Nikki enjoys experimenting with wholesome ingredients to create delicious recipes that embody a healthy lifestyle.

Nikki's "cookie dough" was a hit from the start. It all started when she tricked her sister into eating black bean brownies, getting a kick out of the fact that these decadent treats were made with healthy black beans.  Nikki's recipe for black bean brownies eventually evolved into blondies made with chickpeas, which then turned into chickpea cookies.

These cookies became a phenomenon in Nikki's circle – she repeatedly baked them for various occasions due to the overwhelming popularity. Family members were baffled, friends were delighted, and they became the "best soft-baked cookie" people had tasted. She jumped on the opportunity to join Union Kitchen in January 2015, and her dough is taking off!

The all-natural, low-sugar "cookie dough" is made with organic beans and does not contain eggs, gluten, flour, dairy, soy, peanuts or preservatives. It can be enjoyed raw with a spoon or as a spread, or baked into super soft cookies.

Nikki's website of simple, healthy recipes use wholesome ingredients selected with two things in mind: taste and purpose. She has also launched a Slender Seven app, designed to simplify the grocery shopping and cooking experience.

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