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Vera Pasta

West Chester, PA
United States

Chef Joe D’Andrea of Vera Pasta grew up in an Italian household in West Chester, PA. At an early age, Joe’s passion for Italian cuisine was introduced to him by his grandmother, whose cooking style originates from the Abruzzi region in Italy.

In 2008, Joe graduated from West Chester University, receiving a BA in Business. Shortly after, he enrolled in the Italian Culinary Academy in Manhattan, where he learned classical cooking techniques, along with Italian language and culture. During his time in Manhattan, Joe worked under Michelin Star chef Cesare Casella at Salumeria Rosi, where he was taught the intricacies and distinctive traditions of Tuscan cuisine.

In early 2011, Joe traveled to Parma, Italy to attend ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine. Upon completing school, he interned in Sorrento under the guidance of star Chef Nunzio Spagnuolo, learning everything from classical Italian techniques, regional ingredients, culture and language.

A few months after moving back home to West Chester, Joe started his business, Vera Pasta, with a mission to bring the simple, true flavors of Italy back home, and with a promise of quality and authenticity. Vera Pasta is dedicated to showcasing pasta and sauces from all regions of Italy – from the rich sophisticated north to the rustic bold south.

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