Honeyflower Foods - Superfood 3 Pack

Honeyflower Foods: Super Salad 3-pack

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This bundle includes 3 Honeyflower Super Salads:

- The Gobi (Potato Cauliflower Curry): Roasted Cauliflower and Potatoes simmered in a Coconut Turmeric Curry, Pickled Onion Salad, Seeded Chip Cracker, and Nettle Hari Chutney

- The Verre (Green Bean Salad): Whole Wheat Fusilli, Olive Tapenade, Haricot Vert Salad, White Bean Puree, and Capers and Cornichons

- The Soba (Soba Noodle): Savory Sesame Buckwheat/Whole Wheat Soba Noodles, Chickpea Miso Mushroom, Seaweed Broccolette Salad, Dashi Vinaigrette, and Fermented Chili