The Step Sisters Program

The Step Sisters' Mission: Improving the quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer by funding needed support services in Loudoun County and the surrounding community.


The Step Sisters are a team of women and men in Loudoun County’s Brambleton community and beyond that joined together seven years ago to take on the challenge of fighting breast cancer. Step Sisters are made up of breast cancer survivors as well as mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons and fathers who have all been touched by this terrible disease. Washington's Green Grocer is proud to delivers boxes of healthy fruits and freshly prepared items through the Step Sisters Program.

The organization was founded in 2005 with initial fundraising efforts directed primarily towards breast cancer research via the Avon Foundation.
In its first eight years, the group was very successful, raising more than $500,000 towards a cure. In early 2014, after seeing countless friends, neighbors and relatives diagnosed with breast cancer, members of the group realized their work could have a stronger, more direct impact by shifting focus to support those currently battling the disease.

The Step Sisters support local patients by providing much needed quality-of-life services. Partnering with INOVA Loudoun Hospital, The Step Sisters now fund four main services for breast cancer patients: fresh food delivery, house cleaning, lawn care and transportation to and from appointments.  They plan to expand service offerings as the organization grows. Learn more at