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The Monday Missive 3/19/12

General / This Week's New and Noteworthy

Good Morning!

I snapped that picture up there this morning and thought it perfectly fitting on so many levels; new day, new week, new season, and maybe a visual motivator for turning over a new leaf if there is something you want to do over, refresh, renew, or recommit to!
A few things to tell you about this week; Have you met Jessica yet? She's our new customer support champion who will be answering emails and inquiries and helping you out. Zeke and I are still on it too, but boy or boy are we happy to have Jessica on board. Our pledge to you of stellar customer service is even stronger with her support.

This week we have a guest blogger who is also a WGG customer! Megan from ArtbyMegan is going to be sharing what she makes out of her weekly delivery. There will be posts on her blog and we'll post them on our blog, Facebook and Twitter too so you're sure to see them all. We're really excited about the collaboration. It's our first foray into guest bloggers...anyone else interested?

Lastly, our long awaited visual online catalog will be going live Saturday (fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed) so by next Monday you'll have a whole new somethin' somethin' to look at! Stay tuned......

Have a great week everyone!!

Lisa and Zeke

New For Order this Week:

The Dove Song Dairy goat cheeses are back in stock....order away! Try a grilled sandwich on our 7 grain with the Bonfire and some caramelized onions or the Figilicious on our Kalamata Olive bread with apple slices and some arugula. Yumo'licious!

Spring is springing.......

  • Organic local baby greens mix - perfect for adding to green smoothies, tossing together a quick salad and more (a mix of chard, spinach, kale ) $3.75/half-pound
  • Fresh horseradish root - $3.00 1/2 pound - Have you ever made fresh horseradish sauce? Unbelievably good....and nothing clears your sinuses better then a teaspoon of it. Plant- based medicine!
  • Asparagus - $3.00/pound
  • Leeks - $3.00/bunch

Our latest Kickapoo Coffee single origin is Organic Bolivian. And as always, we have the Organic Driftless Dark. We're carrying ground and whole beans that you can choose when ordering.

Have you checked out our Pinterest Boards? Our "Ideas for the Week" board is loaded up with recipes for items in this week's box as well as boards for individual ingredients. Looking for something to do with that cabbage in your crisper? The cabbage board is full of suggestions. How about a green pear smoothie? The pear board is calling your name