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Use it Up #5: My Version of a Detox Salad

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I figure that if the majority of this blogs reader's are cooking from the box or are at least seeking out recipes that would be on our pages, you're pretty terrific eaters to begin with. Yeah, there is that stretch between Halloween and New Years Day that makes us end up setting crazy, hardcore resolutions or goals (so how is everybody doing with THIS year's resolutions?) when we wake up from our food comas. But in general I would deign this salad more of a weekly fix of crunchy chewy deliciousness. Nonetheless, this salad appears billed as the Detox Salad in a certain grocery chain's salad bar that you pay $7.99 a pound for and OhSheGlows has a popular post where she recreated the salad.

It dawned on me that this will be a really great Use it Up recipe. I'm thinking you're like us and probably don't use the whole head of cauliflower, the whole bunch of carrots and maybe you have some broccoli hiding out in the crisper drawer too. Throw it all in the food processor, add in some chopped fresh parsley, some chopped dates, the juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange, tangerine, tangelo, 1/2 a grapefruit (whatever you need to use up), toss it all together and're detoxing!

I serve a pile of it with half an avocado cut up and then sprinkle on some raw sunflower seeds and my new favorite plant-based protein, chia seeds. I don't put maple syrup in mine as the sweet dates and citrus juice do the trick.