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This Week - April 2, 2012

General / This Week's New and Noteworthy

It's here, it's here!! Our visual catalog is now live and ready for you to do some exploring. Now when you go to "The Goods" our catalog pops up and you can see pictures of everything we have as well as descriptions and tags. You can also click on the farm or producer it's from and learn more about them. Have fun poking around and as always, we get better with your feedback so keep it coming!!

Have a great week everyone -
Lisa and Zeke

New For Order this Week:

Lots and lots! You can now click on the link above and it will take you to our New This Week catagory.
There's a great spring green in Seasonal Specialties ... Sorrel. We're excited to bring you hummus, tzatziki and Crazy Feta from DC's own, Cava Mezze. We've got Michele's granola from Timonium, MD, a brand new recipe kit - Stacey's Zucchini, Spinach Fritatta with a Bacon-Sweet Potato crust, and more great new goods...check it out!

We've put together a couple Easter/Spring menus for you and Stacey has created blog posts for all of the dishes. You can order just about everything you need to make these fantastic meals from us...including Border Springs incredible leg of lamb.


classic Southern deviled eggs
carrot vichyssoise
ham biscuits with Christina Masser's nectarine fresh rosemary jam
roasted asparagus with grape tomatoes and goat cheese
potato leek gratin
grapefruit, radish, & avocado salad


roasted red peppers
rosemary and garlic crusted leg of lamb
classic spanakopita
lemony Greek potatoes

A couple more great recipes for you this week - A Use it Up recipe for Lamb Burgers with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil and also a seasonal delight; Spring Pea Falafel with Pickled Onions and Minted Yogurt.

Our latest Kickapoo Coffee single origin is Equadorian Batan. And as always, we have the Organic Driftless Dark. We're carrying ground and whole beans that you can choose when ordering.

Have you checked out our Pinterest Boards? Our "Ideas for the Week" board is loaded up with recipes for items in this week's box as well as boards for individual ingredients. Looking for something to do with that cabbage in your crisper? The cabbage board is full of suggestions. How about a green pear smoothie? The pear board is calling your name.