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How it Works and FAQ's

Delicious Flexiblilty

Each week we bring a seasonal selection of fruits and vegetables to your doorstep. On Fridays or Saturdays, we email a tentative list for the following week (helpful if you do your shopping on the weekends) and we email you the final list on Mondays, once we have confirmed availablility with our suppliers.

 If there is anything on our list that you don't care for, just log on and make any changes you like and we will happily customize your box, at NO additional charge, so that you are smilin' from ear to ear. While you are making changes you can also add anything extra from our weekly specials, or our terrific extras listed under "The Goods".

There is no contract or obligation required - try us once, get the box every week, every other week or just when you call's totally up to you! If you are going out of town or just don't need the box on a scheduled week, no problem...just log on and cancel for the week. (By 8PM the night before your delivery, please).

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